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OPEN uses EMR Data to Strengthen Primary Care

Every time primary care physicians make an entry in their EMR system, they are updating and expanding a valuable dataset for their own patients. Faced with busy schedules and multiple responsibilities, primary care providers may not have the time and resources necessary to extract and make sense of their EMR data.


OPEN is a free, voluntary service that can help Ottawa-area physicians identify and achieve their practice goals using their own EMR dataset. With hands-on guidance from a team of experts, participants receive customized analyses and reports of EMR data to identify and prioritize gaps in their practices, as well as evidence-based approaches to address them. A practice facilitator provides guidance in the implementation of selected initiatives, and progress is reviewed regularly to ensure the approaches are working.

Top 6 Applications for your EMR Data

Young Woman with Mask

Understand the profile of your practice

Receive customized reports from your practice's EMR data

Home Nurse Examining Patient

Track selected indicators for your practice over time

For example: Polypharmacy

Data on a Touch Pad

Create disease registries

There are 8 validated case definitions to help you create a disease registry

Doctor Office

Identify patients who require action

Obtain a list of patients based on multiple criteria


Assess the impacts of your efforts to improve quality

We use run charts to track your progress

Business Meeting

Prepare a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)

Obtain the metrics on which you want to report

Participant Testimonial

"We’re working on harnessing our own data, through specialized analyses by OPEN, to focus initiatives on the patients who need it most."

Judy Hill, Executive Director

Petawa Centennial Family Health Centre

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