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What is the CPSO QI Program?

The QI program is an initiative for Ontario physicians to engage in self-reflection, self-improvement on quality, and to create a practice improvement plan for their identified priorities.


What is Ottawa Practice Enhancement Network?

OPEN is a University of Ottawa- Dept. of Family Medicine, led practice-based learning network to help its members achieve their quality goal.


What can you expect in this information session?

In this session, Dr. Simone Dahrouge – Director of OPEN will outline the steps needed to successfully secure your CPSO QI certifications. In this presentation we will discuss the module summary and practice exercises for: Data Drive Quality Improvement, Self-Guided Chat Review and Practice Profile Activity. Discuss the requirements to complete the Practice Improvement Plan.


Participants will also learn how they can get VIP access to the upcoming QI CPD hosted by UOttawa, OPEN and OntarioMD.


Please find the link to a previous session we had here:


When is the next information session?

We do not have any new sessions currently planned. We will inform you when we have an upcoming session.


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