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Learning Events Clearinghouse: Recorded Events

General QI Training


Advanced Access

These E-Learning modules are designed to help you and your improvement team learn, test, and implement best practices, change concepts and innovative approaches to improvement.

Excellence through QI Project (eQIP)

Webinars featuring the theory and use of many QI tools and topics! Topics include setting up your QI team and defining roles, diagnosing the problem, developing an aim statement, defining your measures, change idea, PDSA cycle testing, driver diagrams, sustainability and spread and PIAT (putting it all together!).

Primary Care QIP Submission Training Webinars

Review the provincial priorities for 2019/20 and view an overview of the QIP submission.

Quality Improvement Planning and Implementation

Join this webinar to learn about: how Quality Standards can support Ontario Health Teams in their integration work, understand how Ontario Health Teams can reflect their QI goals in their Quality Improvement Plans, and learn about Ontario Health Team implementation resources from RISE.

Extra E-Learnings

Use of EMR data for QI

Health Quality Ontario - Reflections on using data for improvement

Dr. Tara Kiran shares her experiences of using data, and listening to patients, to support quality improvement initiatives in primary care and reflects on how her learnings may be relevant to other sectors.

Choosing Wisely Canada - Using EMR Data for Primary Care Practice Improvement

Dr. Wong will highlight examples where CPCSSN data are being used to inform quality improvement efforts in primary care.


Health Quality Ontario - Understanding an Evolving Opioid Crisis

Looking at current approaches to harm reduction, exploring prescribing patterns, and listening to the stories of those experiencing this crisis first-hand, Dr. Gomes highlights the complex ways decisions shift the landscape and some possible ways forward.


This Workshop Series is a series of public-facing, interactive workshops that aims to help older adults gain knowledge about their medications and to encourage them to take an active role in making decisions about their medications. 

Deprescribing Workshop for Patients

Improvement & Innovation

A monthly webinar series hosted by Healthcare Improvement Scotland and provides clinicians with the opportunity to learn from national and international leaders in the field of improvement and innovation.

QI Connect Webinar Series

Choosing Wisely

Applying Choosing Wisely

Now Is The Time To Choose Wisely: Advancing Quality Improvement In Primary Care

Dr. Kimberly Wintemute and Dr. Peter Kuling provide insights on how to advance resource stewardship and implementation efforts in primary care using Choosing Wisely Canada recommendations and resources.

Patient Engagement in Research

This webinar series provides an important perspective that has previously been missing.  How can patients and researchers most effectively partner?

De/Implement: CWC Implementation Research Webinar Series - Partnering with Patients in Research


Opioid Wisely: A New Campaign from CWC

Discussion on how clinicians can prescribe opioids more safely, as well as some of the barriers to practice change.


Using Antibiotics Wisely: How to navigate cold and flu season

Dr. Guylene Theriault speaks about the practice changes and demonstrate how selected clinical tools have matched to each syndrome to help front line clinicians choose wisely when it comes to antibiotic prescriptions for Upper Respiratory Infections.

A review of practical tips and tools to manage RTIs while using antibiotics wisely in practice.

Managing Respiratory Tract Infections in the Era of COVID-19 and Virtual Care

Dr. Kimberly Wintemute, Ms. Emily Barlett, and Ms. Kate Walsh of Toronto focused on reducing and tapering the use of sulfonylureas, proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), and sedative-hypnotic drugs. 

Deprescribing in Primary Care

Advancing Audit and Feedback Science and Antibiotic Stewardship in Primary Care

Dr. Kevin Schwartz and Dr. Noah Ivers will highlight recent efforts to conduct and evaluate large-scale audit and feedback initiatives in Ontario, including a completed trial involving 3500 primary care physicians

General and CWC
Extra Learnings
QI Inspiration

QI Project Inspiration

Health Quality Ontario Database

Search the database of completed QI projects to help you advance your QI work by building on the success of previous projects.

CPSO Information Session

Previous CPSO Information Session.

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