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QI Clearinghouse: Recorded Events

Supportive Friend

Mental Health and Addiction QI Collaborative Webinar Series

"Mental Health And Addiction QI Collaborative Webinar" is a 4-part webinar series on community and primary care QI projects and initiatives with a focus on mental health and addiction.

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Quality Improvement Webinars - Health Quality Ontario

"Quality Improvement" webinar series hosted by Health Quality Ontario is focused on sharing findings from the 2019/20 Quality Improvement Plan indicators on preventing avoidable transitions in long-term care and measuring timely access to a primary care provider. 

Business Conference

QI Power Hour Webinars

"QI Power Hour" series is your monthly dose of inspiration and provides an opportunity for people working in health care and other sectors to hear from local, national, and international experts on a variety of topics related to quality improvement.  

Doctor Checking a Form

Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) Journey Web Series

"QIP Journey web series" is a webinar series developed with the intent to support community mental health and addiction providers in completing a quality improvement plan template and “get ahead of the QIP curve.”

Video Conference

QI Connect Webinar Series

"QI Connect" is a monthly webinar series hosted by Healthcare Improvement Scotland and provides clinicians with the opportunity to learn from national and international leaders in the field of improvement and innovation.

Investment Chart

IHI Forum 2021

The "Full Day Workshops" held by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement are intensive learning opportunities to gain new improvement skills that can be applied expertly to your work. 

AT the LAb

De/Implement: CWC Implementation Research Webinar Series

"De/Implement: CWC Implementation Research | Partnering with Patients in Research: Stories From the Trenches" webinar series provide an important perspective that has previously been missing.  How can patients and researchers most effectively partner?

Vitamins and pills

Deprescribing Workshop

for Patients

“Talking About Your Medications”  Workshop Series held by the Bruyère Deprescribing Research Team is a series of public-facing, interactive workshops that aims to help older adults gain knowledge about their medications and to encourage them to take an active role in making decisions about their medications.

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